Marker Dedication

Marker dedication photo

The Kelpius Commemorative Marker was installed on the site on April 17, 2004 (left: Lucy Carroll, Dorothy Pinkett, Alvin Holm and
Rhonda Cohen, PHMC)

The weather was sunny and beautiful for the Marker installation ceremony! Presentations were made by Dorothy Pinkett, Laura Maurer (representing Mayor John Street), Alvin Holm, Rhonda Cohen (PHMC), Michael Showalter (Ephrata Cloister), Dennis Waller (Fairmount Park Commission). Five Monastery Choir members (Patricia and Louis Polichetti, Joan Nulty, Christa Cousar, Katiria Nunez) directed by Lucy Carroll, sang Lucy's transcription of Upon Rest, written at the Kelpius site in 1697.

Visitors toured the site at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Festivities began the preceding night at a reception at the Philadelphia Holiday Inn. Architect Alvin Holm discussed the site and showed slides of Lauriston Cottage before its demolition. Lauriston was built on the site of Kelpius' own log cabin, and original log walls were still intact before the unfortunate destruction of the building.

Lucy and the choir

Dr. Carroll and members of the Monastery Choir performed two music pieces from the 1694 Kelpius Community

Musician Dr. Lucy Carroll discussed the music of the site, both derived and original, and examples were sung by Christa Cousar and Joan Nulty. Many members of the Rosicrucian group Order Militia Crucifera Evangelista were present.